Who is The Party Animal?

I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids, a wife and also a mom of 9 furry babies (3 Dogs and 6 Cats). I started my business  The Party Animal years ago after having had many parties for my own kids and realizing it was a passion of mine. I am a very creative person who loves to create unique things and loves all things different. I also started a Children’s Party Blog that highlights great party ideas and all the latest in Birthday Party Themes. I also created a great Forum called; Birthday Parties for Kids – which is a place that parents can go to find and share great party ideas – and of course make some new friends along the way.
I also consign in stores locally with my country crafts and other unique items I create for kids.
I just have the knack to take an idea and bring it to life and that is what I love to do.
I love a good bargain and share how easy it is to have a party that looks like a million bucks, but costs hardly anything.
I love second hand shopping, Ebaying (been doing that for years), auctions, Animals and having fun. Boy that sounds like my ad for a date huh? But no need for dates – been with my hubby for over 20 years and I am so happy.
If you choose to have me plan your party you will realize you hit the jackpot – I love to chat and will work with you to create a one of a kind party for your child they will remember forever. Oh and did I mention that I will give you all the ideas and tips to save you lots of money.
I work with anyone anywhere and always enjoy a good challenge – so bring it on!!!

My other passion is Squidoo and if you have not heard of it then you should check it out, because you will love it too.

Thanks for looking, The Party Animal

Thanks for looking, The Party Animal

One response to “Who is The Party Animal?

  1. Well, hey hey hey you PartyAnimal you! Nice paw print — do ya know that I used that type of paw print for years in my logos, avatars, and signature block. I just changed that out from my Flickr account. So, I am dropping by to say that you are being added to my Blog Roll — do you have a Follow Widget that I can visit to add myself? Party!!!

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