Summer Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Picture 178I figured I would give out some links to some great Summer Party Themes to help with that fun summertime party. Now my daughter’s party is coming up in two weeks and of course she picks a Penguin Party Theme out of all things.  So I am working on that and will update with all the photos and ideas I use for a COOL party in the heat of the summer.

Here are some other ideas I have written about that will give you some great ideas:

Flip Flop Birthday Party – I really like this one and all the fun theme supplies that go along with it – I especially like the Flip Flop Pinata.

LadyBug Birthday Party – This is a very popular theme and why not – who does not love Ladybugs? Ok maybe some, but very few – they are lucky you know!!!

Luau Birthday Party – One of my favorites and one I have done myself – it is always a hit at any summer party and I linked to my blog where I have many many posts on great ideas you can use for this theme – so be sure to scroll through them all – lots of really unique ones there for you.

Flamingo Birthday Party – Having once lived in Florida I fell in love with Flamingos and this party theme will be all about them and of course PINK PINK PINK.

Beach Monkey Birthday Party – Have you even seen a Monkey on the Beach? I know I have not, but this party is a big hit with all the monkey lovers with a beach flare.

Slip n Slides for Birthday Party Fun – At all my summer parties I always have a Slip n Slide for the kids – even though we have a pool – the kids absolutely love to belly slide down them and have a great time.

Pool Party Games – Great Game Ideas the kids can play in the pool.

Under the Sea Birthday Party – Lots of fun and the kids can Stuff Dolphins, Whales and Sharks.

Stuff a Plush Birthday Party – Just like Build a Bear, but in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost – 100’s of animals choices available.

I hope some of those will help get your party planning off to a good start and remember you can stop by and browse all the great Birthday Party Ideas on my Children’s Party Blog and my main website The Party Animal.

Now I am off to clean the house as always and do some well needed yard work – Why do weeds have to grow so fast?


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